Frenchtown Cheers

Cheer for Frenchtown it’s our school!

Cheer for Frenchtown it is cool!

Our wolf the mascot, that’s the one,

Students and teachers, bright as the sun.

Through wind, rain, sun and snow,

The blue and white always glow.

Don’t forget Ms. Strever and Mrs. Norcel,

We follow their rules which we know well.

We’ll be good students at Frenchtown school,

Because at Frenchtown, KIDS RULE!

Ready… Okay!

Frenchtown, Frenchtown Number One!

The place where learning is FUN!

The teachers rock,

The students are cool,

Kids love going to school!

CMT is just one test

Students are ready to do their best!

Wolfie, Wolfie hear her cry

Frenchtown Spirit will never die!