Each child is looked upon as an individual, having different capabilities, needs, interests, and backgrounds. A student’s progress, through the learning process, should reflect these differences and satisfy each pupil’s intellectual, social, emotional and physical rates of development.

Each child finds learning a necessary, enjoyable and continually desirable experience.

Each child will develop competence in the basic skills of reading, computation and communication with major emphasis on the acquisition of reading skills.

Each child is encouraged to direct his own behavior, from his own values, be responsible for his own decisions and develop respect for the rights and actions of others.

Each child acquires a sense of his self-worth through understanding and knowledge of himself.

Each child becomes aware of his surroundings; begins to understand and appreciate his cultural and political heritage, anthropological background, and natural environment; and realizes his responsibility in preserving the valuable aspects of each.

Each child’s parents are encouraged to be both interested and involved in his education.