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Can you tell the difference when your child is reading a text independently, instructionally or with frustration?

There are three levels of reading your child can experience with a text.

Independent: Your child can read the text on his/her own with ease. Very few errors are made and your child easily understands what is read. Reading at this level boosts confidence and improves fluency skills. (e.g. expression, speed and phrasing) Reading text at this level is ideal for reading alone and silent reading

Instructional*:  Your child needs your support or the teacher to read at this level. This is the level in which new vocabulary and concepts are introduced and where the greatest progress in reading occurs. Using this text level is ideal for guided reading groups.

Frustrational: Decoding words, vocabulary and concepts are too difficult for your child. You may wish to read the text to your child so he/she can be exposed to sophisticated vocabulary as well as listen to a fluent reader.

*Frenchtown determines the instructional reading level for each student.


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