Wilderness Trail

The trail was started in 2004 by two Boy Scouts for one of their badges. In 2006 the Father’s club took it over and completed about a mile of trails through the woods.

When you walk through the woods you will notice sign posts along the way highlighting some of the different trees and areas of the trail. This summer, 2007, we will be adding more tree descriptions, with some interesting facts, and some homes for the many “critters” that make the woods their home.

All this was made possible thanks to the following Fathers:

  • Chris Beincivenga
  • Rob Cerulli
  • Steve D’Agostino
  • Rob Doris
  • Al Dias
  • Mark Gagnon
  • John Miolene
  • Dino Petitte
  • Tony Teixeira
  • Joe Tivadar
  • Mike Turner
  • Paul Wettenstein
  • Joe Zannino

We also like to thank Ranger Mark Ceneri, for his help in laying out the trail and identifying different parts of the trail and thanks to Lisa D’Agostino for her help with the sign posts

We hope you take the time to swing by and see what Frenchtown School has that no other school in the area has.

Flood of April 2007

Dylan Fishing

Wilderness Classroom on the Hill

Mrs. Alves AM Kindergarten with Ranger Mark